Friday, August 31, 2012

What is Omegle for?

Have you been to I went there because I thought it would be fun to chat with a random stranger about an interesting topic or meet new people with similar interests on webcam. What did I encounter?


The site said at the time there was 25,000+ users currently on the site. The first webcam I connected to was of a middle-aged man masturbating. Mind you, this is my first experience of Omegle, an old man jacking off. I immediately clicked for a new user, and the second webcam I connected to, was of a middle-aged man masturbating. And the third, and the forth, till about the 30th connection, where I saw a male child of no older than 12. I don't know what shocked me more.

I decided to see if there were actually any "normal" people that were left on this, what seems to be a now sex-fest webcam site, and in a 30 minute period, I found only two clothed men that actually wanted to have a random conversation.

I asked them, "How do you feel about all these naked old men masturbating?"

One's response, "You have to deal with it in order to get to the girls."

Which brings me to the "girls." In that 30 minutes, I saw around five girls, ranging from 13-17. Every one of them disconnected from me. I wonder what they were doing there, and who allowed it.

I got the feeling that is basically a place for pedophiles to expose themselves to children. Who knows how many crimes happen on this website on a daily basis.

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