Monday, September 3, 2012

Mississippi Man Charged In Case of Missing British Teen, met on Omegle

DAVENPORT | A 21-year-old man faces two felony charges after he made a 1,300-mile round trip from his home in Mississippi to pick up an online acquaintance, a 16-year-old British girl who was vacationing in Davenport with her parents.
According to an arrest affidavit, Zachary Miller, of Starkville, Miss., met Amy Turner in May on the social networking site Omegle — a site that brandishes the words "Talk to strangers!" on its home page.

Omegle is not an "Anonymous Chat", when using a webcam

Leif K-Brooks, pictured here, the owner of omegle, want's you to believe your chats are anonymous.

In a posting from via chanarchive, Leif talks about law enforcement:

"I had to talk to an FBI agent once about some school shooting threat (I told him there were no logs and he went away), to a Secret Service agent once about some threat to the President (I told him there were no logs and he went away), and to a few local police officers from various places (I told them there were no logs and they went away), but if 4chan has survived this long, I'm sure I can as well."

From omegle's privacy policy:

"Omegle may log the contents of your chats, your IP address, and the IP addresses of your chat partners. In general, that data will not be stored for longer than approximately fifteen minutes"

What Leif doesn't tell you, is that the site uses Adobe Flash P2P. P2P, meaning person to person. Basically, when you connect to a webcam user, your connectiong directly to his/her webcam.

Any semi technologically advanced person can determine your IP address as soon as you connect to them. One only needs to run a sniffer, like wireshark. Using GeoIP, a geolocation for IP addresses, they can get a rough or sometimes PRECISE location of where your computer is.

And by extension, where your child is.

**Caution, Nudity in link below**
Also, In the whole thread from via chanarchive, Leif K-Brooks pervertedly talks about, measuring his penis and it's size, trying to secure a sexual relationship with a girl on 4chan, and goading the girl into posting naked pictures of herself, who looks uncomfortably underage.

Says a lot about his website and lack of moderation.

Friday, August 31, 2012

A warning for parents

An other warning for parents courtesy of stephaniemorris26 from

"When I saw this on the news the other day I absolutely HAD to bring it to other parents attention. It was on America Now and they featured a mother's story about discovering her daughter revealing herself to a grown man on a video chat taking place on this website. advertises as a site to meet strangers. You make an account and log on and it randomly chooses someone for you to talk to. Sounds ok enough.. only pedophiles are now using it to target your children.

These men will log on and find young children and teens to start chatting with and try to talk them into sending nude photos or getting naked for the video chats it has. And since it just shows as any other social site it bypasses all parental blocks you may have on your child's computer.

These men are recording the chats and video chats they are having and posting YOUR child's photos and videos on adult porn sites for everyone to see.

Now I will not even post a link to this website as I am not going to endorse it in any way. 

If you wish to view the website you can Google it and it is first on the list. I just know as a parent to soon to be teenagers myself I would appreciate any information someone could give me to help protect my children. It is up to us as parents to constantly monitor what our children are doing and who they are talking to on the internet, and the more information we have the better."

Warnings from girls, about the dangers of Omegle

Youtube user warns us about the pedophiles and sexual nature of

Youtube user warns kids about the horrors of being blinded by DICKS on

What is Omegle for?

Have you been to I went there because I thought it would be fun to chat with a random stranger about an interesting topic or meet new people with similar interests on webcam. What did I encounter?


The site said at the time there was 25,000+ users currently on the site. The first webcam I connected to was of a middle-aged man masturbating. Mind you, this is my first experience of Omegle, an old man jacking off. I immediately clicked for a new user, and the second webcam I connected to, was of a middle-aged man masturbating. And the third, and the forth, till about the 30th connection, where I saw a male child of no older than 12. I don't know what shocked me more.

I decided to see if there were actually any "normal" people that were left on this, what seems to be a now sex-fest webcam site, and in a 30 minute period, I found only two clothed men that actually wanted to have a random conversation.

I asked them, "How do you feel about all these naked old men masturbating?"

One's response, "You have to deal with it in order to get to the girls."

Which brings me to the "girls." In that 30 minutes, I saw around five girls, ranging from 13-17. Every one of them disconnected from me. I wonder what they were doing there, and who allowed it.

I got the feeling that is basically a place for pedophiles to expose themselves to children. Who knows how many crimes happen on this website on a daily basis.