Friday, August 31, 2012

A warning for parents

An other warning for parents courtesy of stephaniemorris26 from

"When I saw this on the news the other day I absolutely HAD to bring it to other parents attention. It was on America Now and they featured a mother's story about discovering her daughter revealing herself to a grown man on a video chat taking place on this website. advertises as a site to meet strangers. You make an account and log on and it randomly chooses someone for you to talk to. Sounds ok enough.. only pedophiles are now using it to target your children.

These men will log on and find young children and teens to start chatting with and try to talk them into sending nude photos or getting naked for the video chats it has. And since it just shows as any other social site it bypasses all parental blocks you may have on your child's computer.

These men are recording the chats and video chats they are having and posting YOUR child's photos and videos on adult porn sites for everyone to see.

Now I will not even post a link to this website as I am not going to endorse it in any way. 

If you wish to view the website you can Google it and it is first on the list. I just know as a parent to soon to be teenagers myself I would appreciate any information someone could give me to help protect my children. It is up to us as parents to constantly monitor what our children are doing and who they are talking to on the internet, and the more information we have the better."

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  1. I have recently came about this site because in found my 11 year old daughter and her friends on it. They in no way shape or form make you verify your age or who you are. I have contacted our local sheriff department and the gentleman who runs the dare program at school to touch base on some internet saftey updates for these children. Parental controls on your home computers is the way to go