Monday, September 3, 2012

Omegle is not an "Anonymous Chat", when using a webcam

Leif K-Brooks, pictured here, the owner of omegle, want's you to believe your chats are anonymous.

In a posting from via chanarchive, Leif talks about law enforcement:

"I had to talk to an FBI agent once about some school shooting threat (I told him there were no logs and he went away), to a Secret Service agent once about some threat to the President (I told him there were no logs and he went away), and to a few local police officers from various places (I told them there were no logs and they went away), but if 4chan has survived this long, I'm sure I can as well."

From omegle's privacy policy:

"Omegle may log the contents of your chats, your IP address, and the IP addresses of your chat partners. In general, that data will not be stored for longer than approximately fifteen minutes"

What Leif doesn't tell you, is that the site uses Adobe Flash P2P. P2P, meaning person to person. Basically, when you connect to a webcam user, your connectiong directly to his/her webcam.

Any semi technologically advanced person can determine your IP address as soon as you connect to them. One only needs to run a sniffer, like wireshark. Using GeoIP, a geolocation for IP addresses, they can get a rough or sometimes PRECISE location of where your computer is.

And by extension, where your child is.

**Caution, Nudity in link below**
Also, In the whole thread from via chanarchive, Leif K-Brooks pervertedly talks about, measuring his penis and it's size, trying to secure a sexual relationship with a girl on 4chan, and goading the girl into posting naked pictures of herself, who looks uncomfortably underage.

Says a lot about his website and lack of moderation.


  1. Sadly I am the reason Leif K Brooks is getting most of these reports today. I collect your IP and I turn you In for vulgar things. Leif, the owner of simply bans you.

    I fix your " redirect" - DNS Poison, hacked and more issues.


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  3. This site is HORRIBLE found some 12 year olds on it. That was the first I heard of it. So I looked to the website. The first thing in saw when a fellow mom and li looked was a dam man with his business in his hand. I did put it all over facebook so my friends who have children know to never let their kids go on this site. No protection to see if the person is actually 18 years old.

    1. MaDukes, I don't think you are aware just how much "trouble" you may be in!!! The Law doesn't CARE whether or not you wanted to end up haplessly "viewing" those underage girls on webcam! In the eyes of the Law, you are STILL guilty of viewing that child pornography!!! You are also, in the eyes of Law Enforcement, guilty of "receiving" those contraband images!!! You didn't know? Too bad!!! That's why it's called a "zero liability crime!!!" With a "zero liability crime", you don't have to know NOTHIN', Jack!!!!! You'll go to prison ANYWAY!!! Unless you can "prove beyond a shadow of a doubt" that you did not INTEND to receive and or view those illegal live webcam images!!!!!! Good luck with THAT one!!!!


  5. And the worst thing about your situation, is that it's too late to do anything about it NOW!!! You already "received" and viewed ( albeit "haplessly") the contraband video footage!!! Now, all you can do is HOPE that you don't get the dreaded "knock on the door!!!"
    This, folks, is ANOTHER reason why websites like Omegle and Chatroulette are so DANGEROUS!!! Some hot chick you cannot currently see wants to dance "naked" for you! So you get your system all hooked up to receive the live webcam footage. But your jubilation suddenly turns to "horror" as you realize that the lap dancing bombshell turns out to be two naughty LITTLE GIRLS who look no older than " 9 "!!!!! And it is THEY who are giggling as they "go down butt naked" in front of the webcam!!!!!
    Then, a few days later, a SWAT team kicks down your front door!!! Your life is fkn "OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Now don't you think its best to STAY THE HELL OFF of Omegle?!?!

    1. There IS no way to know what someone else is going to send your way! You won't know what that video footage is going to contain until AFTER you've RECIEVED and VIEWED it!!!!! But then it's TOO LATE!!!!

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  7. WARNING! The contents of this comment may bring up additional thoughts and feelings towards serious issues such as cancer please be careful when reading! I asked this question "Do you think if enough people complained that omegle would do something to stop the high ammount of perverts using omegle daily?" 200+ times on omegle today i did not receive a single yes. This is evidence that the use of omegle is dangerous and should be removed, if you do not believe me try copying and pasting the question and see for yourself. The issue with the people on earth is that we fight for our individual survival, we should learn off ants they stick together through everything. Think about it if we all stuck together we could accomplish anything but instead all we care about is money. If cancer research didn't have to pay for important research equipment do you think cancer would still be a problem? What are we doing with our life on earth why are we having to spend it fighting for our survival and money?!

  8. I did a social experiment where people were told I was a 17 year old girl... and ppl asked for pornographic pics do these people relise it's a felony a fucking felony forget the jail time do you really wanna spend the rest of your life working some shitty job at one of the few places that will hire felons and if ur married or have kids etc. I mean wtf.. your gonna put your whole life on the line over a nude...there are legal websites where you can view this type of content without committing a felony.. well I hope my social experiment educated a few people as I explained the potential repricussions to them.. do they simply not know or do they not care that is the question of the year?